For many years I’ve toyed with the idea of what type of website I wanted.  I’ve sat on the domain name de8o.com and tried different approaches all of which failed to really inspire me.  I have many passions but I’m far from even an experienced amateur in any of them.  So the dilemma for me is which should I focus on for a website to attract the masses. In June 2013 after many years it hit me.  I’ll never produce a website which will prove useful for many people and have hoards of people coming back looking for the next piece of information.  Instead, once, just maybe once, I’ll write something which one person will find via google and it will prove useful to them.  This will be the success I’ll aim for.  An amateur web admin is now added to my list of underdeveloped skills.

So what are some of the things in life that interest me?

  • Guitar – 5 years on and very little practice.  Unable to play a full song.
  • Quantum Physics – Any time I get smug and think I understand a part of it… wham.. my brain questions it and melts.
  • Running – For all of my life I have strongly disliked running.  My introduction to running was when I joined the Army and after 6 years in it they sucked out any enjoyment that may have been available.  Now many years later I’m finding the true joy of putting one foot in front of the other at a faster than walking pace.  I enter races and as long as someone in my category finishes behind me I’m happy.  I plan to keep improving and have more people finish behind me each race.
  • Chinese – I have been to China twice and really want to learn to to speak and read Mandarin.
  • Technology – Computers and geeky toys always keep my interest
  • Photography – I have a Canon 550D and I can produce some photos that I’m happy with.  Nothing that will ever win an award but will at least get a few likes in Facebook

So my plan is to post nuggets of information from anything listed above or anything that I come across that may be useful.  I’ll also post a lot of items that probably wont interest anyone.

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